Latin dances

Rumba: it is originated from Cuba. In its present form many of the basic figures of the dance retain the age-old story of woman’s attempt to dominate man by the use of her feminine charm. In a well choreographed dance there will always be an element of “tease and run”; the man being lured and then rejected.

Character of the dance sensual and passionate. Movements are stationary, spatials and sliding with accents on the 4th beat of each bar, timing is 4/4. Vadim Garbuzov and Nadiya Dyatlova a dance couple to observe during the Rumba!

Costumes: the costumes are risqu


Cha-Cha-Cha: the music is slower than Mambo and the rhythm is less complicated. The name Cha Cha Cha is a sound imitation of the “shoes” from dancing Cuban women.

Costumes: the costumes are risqu

Samba: originates from Brazil where it is a national dance. Samba has a very specific rhytm with accent on beat 2, timing is 2/4.
The typical Samba Bounce Action is produced by the compression and straightening of the knee and ankle of the of the leg supporting the weight. The degree of bounce used is not the same for all figures. Europe was really captured by the Samba in 1948/1949.

Costumes: the costumes are risqu

Jive: this dance’s base or origin comes from the American Rock-n-roll. It’s the fastest dance of the show. The accent is on the legs which show kicks and flicks. The choreography is balanced with mixed patterns which interacts with the audience. The roots of the Jive are in New York, Harlem with dynamics of sudden, direct and light movements, timing is 4/4 with accent on the second and fourth beat. You will see the audience feedback!

Paso Doble: originates from Spain. After World War II the Paso Doble was accepted as a Competition Dance. This dance on the competition floor usually create a Spanish Bull Fighting atmosphere, the lady is the Cape not the Bull! Characters of the Paso Doble are pride and dignity with Spanish, Flamenco flavour Timing is 2/4 with a slight accent on the 1th beat of each bar.

Costumes: latin, also the Toreador costumes are available
(you can see that costumes on page Show Part 1: Carmen)


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